Original cultivars from the producers of Michigan’s most exquisite cannabis flower. 

Hand-cultivated and hand-trimmed classic cannabis cultivars lovingly cared for by happy growers.


High-minded strains are hydroponically-cultivated in rockwool substrate. And our technical food-grade nutrients produce fresh and healthy cannabis flower.

Grown Gently from Seed to Harvest

We slowly dry at low temperatures to preserve cannabis terpene content, and our process ensures peak freshness, flavor, potency, and aroma.

Classic Cultivars and Contemporary Hybrids

High-Minded Harvest grows a variety of classic cannabis cultivars like OG Kush and Wedding Cake, as well as modern hybrids like Cheddar Koi and Deep Breath.

Closed-loop watering system to ensure zero nutrient waste

We recycle our rockwool

Cannabis waste is turned into nutrient-rich compost and either re-used or donated to local farmers

Data-driven processes to produce the highest quality genetics

We’re obsessive about perfecting our plants and refining our processes to craft premium flower. Relax and feel good with craft cannabis from High-Minded Harvest.